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At Area Carpet and Floors we are partnered with agencies who deal with specialist hotel carpet manufacturers. We can incorporate your specific logo into the carpet design should you require it. In addition to this our in house designer can work with you and our manufacturers designer towards creating the perfect carpet for your environment.

We carry products to suit every budget & requirement.

B & B’s / Guesthouses

There is a vast selection of products to cater for B&B’s and guesthouses. With products to suit all budgets and fast installations we can ensure that you do not lose out on room revenues.

Bars /Restaurants / Coffee shops

In addition to supplying & installing commercial flooring in the main customer areas, we also supply & install non slip flooring to kitchens / inner bar areas / inner counter areas.


We also Carry out minor flooring repairs on all of the above

For more information on all the above call Dave at  086 040 4474