At area carpet & floor we carry a large selection of Retail (entrance) matting to suit every application & budget. Entrance matting is essential in prolonging the life of your floor covering & inhibiting water getting beyond the mat underfoot, this will reduce the risk of trips & falls this can be retro fitted at any stage

Shop fit out / refurbishment

At area carpet & floor we are experienced in retail fit out / refurbishment installations. We understand stringent time lines in a fit out.  We work with the customer to ensure the right product is specified to install as fast as possible, We have vast experience in this area from small shops to high street shops for international clients. If you require us  to work outside of normal working hours we are always happy to accommodate our customers.

Minor flooring repairs

Unfortunately some floors can get damaged or become problematic this can be for any number of reasons . we carry out flooring repairs from the most minor patch to large replacements.


For more information on all the above call Dave at 086 040 4474