At Area Carpet & Floor we believe that an Entrance Matting System is as important as your flooring . A good entrance matting system will reduce the amount of dirt & grit being dragged into your environment. This will reduce staining , damage & wear to your floor covering.
It is also a vital aspect of any business for health & safety risk reduction . A good entrance matting system will reduce the risk of slips trips & falls.
At are carpet & floor we have entrance matting systems to suit every application and budget.

Coir Matting 

Coir or Coconut fibre is the original hard wearing material chosen for years to make long lasting doormats for businesses and homes alike

Either leave your mat plain, or we can customise it with a message or motif, the choice is yours. If you’re not sure what you need, contact us and we’ll be pleased to recommend the best option for you. Call us for advice!

Coir Mats offer a contemporary and modern look to the entrance of your building. Due to the resilience from the coconut fibres, Coir Matting is ideal for high footfall and heavy duty areas.

Coir Mats possess great absorbency, can be easily brushed clean and come in a selection of stock sizes, colours, designs and qualities.

Coir Matting can be used both indoors and outdoors and are suitable for all price ranges from the budget to luxury.

Coir matting 1     Coir matting 2    coir matting 3

Benefits of Coir Matting:

  • Hardwearing
  • Sound insulating
  • Mothproof and rot & fungi resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Anti-static
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable


Crush Resistant Nylon Carpet Matting

Nylon Matting is extremely versatile..it is only 6mm thick so it often works where door clearance is an issue. It is the most luxurious & stylish option in entrance matting.

Benefits of Crush Resistant Nylon Carpet Matting:

  • Exceptionally durable nylon carpet.
  • Ideal for high volume entrance areas, such as walkways and corridors.
  • Nylon pile is highly absorbent and also withstands crushing.
  • An effective way to protect interior floor surfaces.
  • Available with optional edging depending on the requirements of the application.
  • Suitable for glue down, wall to wall, or floor surface applications.
  • Can be used as part of a two step system in heavy traffic environments
  • variation of colours available

crush nylon 3    crush nylon 2     crush nylon 1


Modular Entrance Mat


Heavy duty modular entrance mat system is ideal in heavy-use areas. Heavily frequented areas pose special requirements that have to be met. With large numbers of people coming and going, entrance matting systems have to be particularly heavy-duty and demonstrate excellent dirt removal properties, as well as being both sturdy and flexible.

With its innovative profile, modular mat system boasts superior dirt removal properties and stays looking great day after day, even after being walked on thousands of times – in schools, hospitals, airports, shopping centres, or anywhere with large numbers of people.

Even the installation process makes the modular entrance mat an impressive choice. Its wide profile and practical connection methods ensures that it can be laid easily, quickly and with precision.


Benefits of Modular Entrance Mat System:

• Easy installation thanks to wide profile and practical connection method
• Simple, quick and precise laying
• Can be cut to length easily using a jigsaw
• Individually adjustable
• Can be stored easily, making it readily available
• Good dirt removal thanks to slightly curved insert
• Maximum resilience
• Extra-high and wide impact sound insulation
• Easy to clean using a vacuum cleaner
• Ribbed carpet inserts
• 12 mm can be surface mounted if no mat well
• No template required
• Minimum wastage
• Brick bond installation recommended
• PVS adjustment profile available to minimize the cutting of the profiles front to back

modular mat 1        modular mat 3         modular mat 2


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